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Welcome to Episode 31 of the Biodynamics Now Investigative Farming and Restorative Nutrition podcast. Your host is Allan Balliett.

Our guest today is Long time friend of the biodynamics Now podcast Steven McFadden of Santa Fe, New Mexico Steven is director of Chiron Communications, an enterprise offering keys for the health of human beings and the earth. He has been writing about CSA farms since their inception in the U.S. in the late 1980s. Among his many other abilities he has developed to counsil and heal his fellow human beings, he is a reiki master of long standing, He has taught the reiki healing techniques to hundreds of students across North and Central America.

Reiki is a gentle technique for healing by the laying-on of hands. Knowlege of reiki healing techniques belongs in every home healing kit since it is a healing art available to all human beings with just a short training and once learned, it can be applied for free to heal and comfort others whenever necessary. RAYKEE has an established track record of reducing stress, relieving pain, and supporting the healing process.

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