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Our guest this evening is author and social visionary Richard K. Moore.

Richard is an American expat who escaped from a successful Silicon Valley career to Wexford Ireland where he spends his time communicating to the world through several blogs and websites about how We the People can organize into a truly democratic and sustainable new society in the face of the hyper-capitalism that is destroying our health and well-being on every level.

I first became aware of Richard's work  through his article Escaping the Matrix, which appeared  in Steward Brand's The Whole Earth Review back in 1999. Using the metaphor of "the red pill" from the movie The Matrix, Richard opened my eyes to the deceit that passes as 'the official truth' in the mainstream media and our daily lives. 1999 was a much simpler time. SInce 911 it's not uncommon for even popular tv shows to accept that we cannot trust our government. In 1999, even after the revalations of the Pentagon Papers or The People's History books, though, it wasn't quite as common. Richard simply and clearly exposed how corporations use taxpayers dollars and the military powers of our government to forward imperialistic programs around the globe for the benefit of their own bottom lines. It doesn't matter to corporate planners how many trillions of dollars are spent to support access to oil or other commodities if the expenses are shouldered by the taxpayers and don't cost them anything at all, probably not even taxes on their own income.

Richard has expanded on this essay and the resulting book, Escaping the Matrix,  is available at his website. There's a link at the show note at

What's unique about Richard's writing is that he doesn't dwell on exposing the lies we live in. He's more interested in helping to create a more perfect social structure and a society that is both democratic and Earth friendly.

We only touch the surface of Richard's work in this interview. Richard is more than happy to submit himself to further discussions on the BD Now! podcast. Please leave any questions you have for him at and we'll incorporate them in later interviews (but I wouldn't be surprised if he answered questions through the blog in the meantime) Richard is also interested in doing a 'live' program. If you are interested in taking part in such a program in the future, please let me know through the site.

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